Overtraining or under-recovery?

In 2014 – during my lightweight rowing ‘past’ – I found out what it meant to train too hard.

Over the winter, I was getting faster and faster, but just as the summer race season began, everything started to fall apart. I was unable to train properly, with legs that felt sore even after plenty of rest. Every time I attempted a return to training I was knocked back again. Moreover, I found myself unable to concentrate properly at work, so tired that all motivation seemed to have disappeared.


Wearables and COVID-19


At the time of writing, there are now more than 1.5 million diagnosed cases of coronavirus – or more correctly, SARS-CoV2, with potentially a far greater number of undiagnosed cases. In many countries (UK included), testing for the virus has been limited mainly to those who are already seriously ill.

There are huge numbers of people who are either asymptomatic or who have only mild symptoms. This page suggests that the proportion of asymptomatic cases among positive tests could be as high as 80%. Combining the lack of testing with the number of asymptomatic cases, it’s easy to see how many cases there may actually be.